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Non-Extraction Orthodontics Philosophy

Non-Extraction OrthodonticsDr. Thai Nguyen’s TMJ/Orthodontics philosophy is based on the importance of the following order:

  1. Obtaining healthy temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
  2. Obtaining beautiful face
  3. Ridding all poor oral habits
  4. Obtaining straight teeth and beautiful smile
  5. Retaining good result after the treatment

Many patients seek orthodontic treatment due to their crowding teeth and poor occlusion (bite). Many of cases have small and narrow upper and lower arches, which place the TMJ in a poor position. Besides some other factors, the compromised (obstruction) upper air way plays a big role in these problems. With his goals in mind, Dr. Nguyen always address the original causes and treat them accordingly.

His TMJ/Orthodontic approach is to develop the proper upper and lower arches, which allow the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) to be in a good position. Also, with this approach, the decent-size arches will provide enough space for correcting the crowding teeth without extractions in many cases. Patients also have a good lip support and well-balance facial profile with Dr. Nguyen’s TMJ/Orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Nguyen encourages early treatment (phase 1, orthopedics), which could help the patients avoid more complicated problems later and shorten the phase 2, orthodontics. He has monitored and treated many patients as early as 6-year-old.


Dr. Robertson Testimonial

This testimonial video clip from Dr. Robertson will change your view on how important NON-EXTRACTION braces can help your TMJ, health and facial beauty

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  When you walk through the doors, someone is always there greeting you with a hello and a warm smile. I have had braces for about 3 1/2 years now and, I’m almost done! None of my permanent teeth were pulled out during this process. They also respected all the things I wanted and didn’t want to happen to my teeth for braces. Excellent Dental Care have very generous and caring people. Excellent hard workers to have a conversation with as well. I highly recommend going to their dental office, especially if you’re planning to get braces. Braces might hurt and get in a way of eating your favorite foods but, they’re definitely worth it!

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