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Dr. Wendell Robertson


I highly recommend Dr. Thai Nguyen, Dr. Merle Loudon and their TMD Orthodontic Course. I have taken three 3-day courses as well as traveling from Utah to Washington for my own treatment. As a patient with “craniomandibular” distortions, I have forward head posture which has resulted in a cascade of compensation patterns throughout my whole body which has resulted in dozens of symptoms, requiring that I shut down my practice to recover. I have become aware of many of my patients who have similar patterning. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and CE. Unable to find a local orthodontist to do TMD based orthodontics I have taken more and more courses. I wish I had taken this course 10 years ago. Everything that I have learned over the years is coming together in a logical, understandable way.

A good friend is taking orthodontic courses from an organization that uses multiple instructors and a standardized system of diagnostics and treatment. On the subject of TMJ disorders the only advice is “do not provide treatment.” For patients like myself this is hopeless. If you want to resolve and prevent airway issues, TMD, cranial distortions, total body postural distortions—take these courses!

Dr. Wendell Robertson