Our Dental Mission

Our Dental Mission

At Excellent Dental Care Center (EDCC), we understand that straight teeth and beautiful healthy smile contribute to many wonderful successes in society. Our optimal treatment is not only to provide the patients with beautiful and healthy smiles, but also to make sure they have healthy TM joints (TMJ). Therefore, for a routine dental examination, we always perform a complete examination of the TMJ, head, neck and facial area. For patients who have TM Dysfunction (TMD), we are able to relate their pathological jaw positions, injuries, noises, etc. with their TMD-related symptoms. We will be able to determine and recommend them the proper TMD treatment. In fact, our TMD treatment approach has successfully treated many patients. We’ve also received numerous patient referrals from chiropractors, medical doctors and dentists for treating jaw and facial pain, migraine headache, neck, shoulder and back pain.

If you are trying to find the excellent and complete dental care for your family and children, our EDC is the answer! We are truly one-stop dentistry. Both Drs. Nguyen have been practicing dentistry in the Northwest since 1999. They are good skills and experiences in ALL aspects of General Dentistry, Dental Implants, NON-Extraction Orthodontics (Braces), TMJ treatment, migraine headache, neck and shoulder pain.

Finally, with four decades of combined experiences, we are eager to help you and your family to obtain great oral health with beautiful smile and good quality of life in a timely manner and at reasonable price.


This testimonial video clip from Dr. Robertson will change your view on how important NON-EXTRACTION braces can help your TMJ, health and facial beauty

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  Our entire family have been patients of Dr.Nguyen for many years. They have taken great care of all of us with each person having a varied individual need and personality. Two of my sons are currently recovering Ortho treatment as well and he has been great. He explains everything in detail and his main concern is overall mouth and jaw health. It makes me feel good to know that we are taken care of completely and the staff all know us and I know they genuinely care. One of my children has special needs and he is now an adult but they have always taken time to work with him at his own level and ability. We have been to both the Auburn and Tacoma office and we truly appreciate the kind service we have always received, it is rare to have such a great team and staff that work so well together but they have it there.

Annette Smith