LeMay America Car MuseumContents Provided by TripAdvisor.

This museum is absolutely beautiful. The cars obviously are the main attraction, but the history and videos accompanying most of the cars/exhibits is really interesting. Take the time to stop and read them!

Cost is reasonable and the time slips by without even noticing. We spent 3 hours wandering around the museum. There are so many cars , all beautifully displayed in an easy to follow route through the museum. There is even one vintage car where you can sit in and have a photo taken. The picture is free, with no strings attached. Can be printed or emailed. If anyone in your group wants to sample driving, one floor had demo video simulation drives where you can drive race courses around the world. If you are interested, get the package deal when you first enter which includes a drive, as it is quite a bit more costly as an add on when you reach that floor. Younger kids might have fun playing the slot cars. This is one of the largest and nicest car museum we have been to.

This museum has an extensive collection of old, more modern, and funky automobiles and trucks, and motorcycles on 4 levels of museum. Walking is easy by way of up and down ramps. An elevator is also available. It is worth the price of admission.

Just about everything imaginable in the way of classic and antique cars! The founder preferred original examples (as opposed to restored) so you’ll see only the cream of the crop!

I can’t say enough good things about the LeMay Car museum. Awesome location with great views. The collection of cars is quite impressive and each has a bit of history described. The short movie on how Mr. LeMay collected all his cars is worth the time to watch.

Had a day with two male friends and nothing to do. A decision was made to visit the museum. Easy to get to. More than ample parking. Staff were very pleasant and more than willing to answer any questions. Even received a free complimentary souvenir picture sitting in an antique convertible.

The cars were exquisitely restored. Most likely frame off restorations with expertly applied paint and meticulously maintained.

The vehicles were staged throughout the four floor complex. Exhibits classic coach works, exotic supercars, early trucks, alternative propulsion, etc. A large number of 50’s and 60’s vehicles brought back many memories.

With all that, there was significant open space as they were changing vehicles to change their displays. I would estimate there were well in excess of 100 cars on display.

A most enjoyable and educational experience for this 74 year young car buff.

The Lemay museum is everything a gear head could want and more. I have been to the museum several times, and always for special events, so I have not been there during a normal day. However, with these events, I have had full access to the museum, and have put in many steps through the almost endless display. There are some features that I have not been privy to, such as the many children event & features. Why not a 5 you may ask? Because again, I have been here for special events, and in that vein, there is one significant thing that is lacking, and that is acoustics. They are awful. If you are planning on having an event with live music, or speakers, it’s a tough venue. Other than that, it is pure perfection. If you are visiting, and want a great adventure that will satisfy the whole family (event those not that into cars) this museum is a must see on your to do list. You don’t have to love cars and their history to appreciate the incredible displays.

Directions from the LeMay Car Museum

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