The Museum of Glass in Tacoma

Got Glass? Visit the Museum of Glass in Tacoma

Museum of Glass in Tacoma Washington


Museum of Glass
1801 Dock St
Tacoma, WA 98402-3217


+1 866-468-7386



The Museum of Glass is a contemporary art museum dedicated to glass and glassmaking in the West Coast’s largest and most active museum glass studio. Now in its 16th year, the museum has established a reputation for hosting impactful and engaging artist residencies, organizing nationally traveling exhibitions in its galleries, and creating unique programs for our visitors, all while building a growing permanent collection chronicling the development of modern and contemporary glass.

Museum of Glass - Glass TreeSince its opening 2002, the museum has been a catalyst for change in Tacoma. The iconic cone building was erected on a Superfund site which started the restoration of this beautiful waterway community. Today you will find a thriving arts and culture center, with six museums all within walking distance.

Each year over 100,000 visitors explore the Museum, sampling all that’s offered. It’s rare to find a venue where you can watch live glass-making, experience glass art from emerging artists as well as masters, and have the chance to try your hand at it. Museum of Glass prides itself on delivering all of these experiences, and it’s getting noticed. In 2017, USA Today listed Museum of Glass as a top ten tourist destination in Washington State.

Visit the Museum of Glass Website for more information.

Reviews from TripAdvisor

A Wonderful Surprise

A great place to spend a day. Visit the gallery, then spend time in the “HOT SHOP.” You will be amazed at what goes on in here. After your visit is over explore the water front outside the museum.

Clyde B.


Not only is the Museum amazing the bridge leading to it with the sculptures of glass in it is a must see as well. Beautifully presented.

Svetlana B.

Wow! Even the bridge has glass!

Even the walkway from the street is impressive with overlooking the harbor area and the overhead and vertical glass displays. Once inside, the galleries of glass artwork must be experienced. Be sure to see the Gibson Chandelier. Wow!


Outstanding museum of glass

Outstanding museum of glass First time here I loved it Highly recommend Must see It has enough stuff to keep you busy for at least an hour or two

Allen B.

A treat for the eyes and wonder to behold!

This was one of the most interesting and fun museums I have ever seen. The collection has glass art from many periods and the state of artistic excellence and craftsmanship is unbelievable! Well worth the price. Check out the very large live glass blowing studio and sit comfortably. Take a camera to show your friends just how amazing art glass can be.


Must visit if in Tacoma

I love the Chihuly museum in Seattle so was curious what the Museum of Glass in Tacoma would be like. So glad we went. Not only do you see great glass but you also get to see how they make their works of art.

John S.

Glass Journey with the Masters

The staged exhibits bring world class masters up close to the community educating on design, technique and the inner creative process – concepts, assembled experiences that elevate the “work of the work.” And then there is the object(s) of power and delight. Illumination and placement is thoughtful. Viewers are left transformed and curiously energized.

Value, experience and unique opportunity to share with friends and family a cultural meeting place. The lab itself requires a separate commentary.


Live Demonstrations are Great

The glass museum is an amazing place. The live demos show how the class is stretched, blown, manipulated… If you are local, you can get a pass at the Tacoma library (call to see if they have one available). This place is always impressive.


Great little museum

This museum is small but hugely informative. You must stay for the glass blowing exhibition. Amazing what they can create! The museum shop has some beautiful pieces as well.


Excellent Display of Glass Artwork

What a fascinating time it was to visit the Museum of Glass. The hot shop theatre offered a large live screen of glass blowing. It was so interesting to watch a pieces of glass art being made. You were allowed ask questions during the open seat glass presentation. My husband and I were very intrigued by the process and sat for an hour and a half watching a piece of glass art being made from start to finish. The museum offered an amazing variety of glass artwork from several artists. An adjacent gift shop offered glass works for purchase. Do not leave the museum area without visiting outside where there is a foot bridge where there is a huge display of valuable glassworks from the artist Dan Chihuly. A wonderful way to spend a few hours.


An amazing display of glass sculptures.

Taking young children to a glass museum sounds challenging, but the Museum of Glass provided an experience they won’t forget. They were mesmerized by the artists in the hot shop making unusual and striking objects in glass. We adults couldn’t stop watching either. We all also loved the creations of the children, brought to life by the artists.

Diane M.

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Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium – Tacoma, Wa

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Treat your family to a special day at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Where else can you see seahorses and sharks, peacocks and penguins, wolves and walrus, all in one place? The 29-acre Zoo is large enough to offer an awesome array of animals yet small enough to let you get really close to them. Our keepers often roam the grounds, taking animals on strolls so you can see them up close. Who knows? You might run into a lynx on your way to see the polar bears! Be sure to visit Kids Zone. This fanciful exhibit engages children in active learning through play. The focus is on fun, movement and learning what animals need to thrive.The breathtaking views of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains are free – and so is the parking. So what are you waiting for? Bring your family to see ours. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is open at 9:30 a.m. daily. Closing times vary. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is just minutes off of I-5 in beautiful Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA.

Asian Forest Sanctuary

This 5 acre (2.0 ha) exhibit complex which opened on July 1, 2004[6] simulates the forests of southeast Asia with a waterfall, streams, and plants native to the region such as bamboo.[9] The complex is designed so that species are rotated to different parts of the exhibit after several days.[6] Asian Forest Sanctuary includes Sumatran tigers, Malayan tigers, northern white-cheeked gibbons, siamangs, lowland anoas, Indian crested porcupines, Asian small-clawed otters, and Asian elephants.[9]
An expansion called Cats of the Canopy opened on August 27, 2011 and focuses on the clouded leopard. Viewing is provided by a wide glass window along a gravelly stream bed and into a heated den. The twenty-foot high enclosure also allows the cats to climb through the trees.[10]

Rocky Shores

Completed in 1982,[2] this exhibit is based on the shoreline of Cape Flattery, Washington and serves as home to harbor seals, Pacific walruses, sea otters, common murres and tufted puffins in four separate pools. In the middle of the exhibit area is a building for underwater viewing. The exhibit formerly contained beluga whales until they were taken to a zoo in Texas in 2007.

Arctic Tundra

1981 saw the opening of this exhibit area, which forms a semicircle at one end of the zoo. Muskoxen and reindeer are housed in separate meadows on the outside of the pathway’s arc, while polar bears and Arctic foxes live on the inside of the arc. The polar bears have an eleven-foot-deep pool with above- and underwater viewing.[11]

The Aquariums

The North Pacific Aquarium and South Pacific Aquarium each house species from different parts of the Pacific ocean. The North Pacific Aquarium, opened in 1963, displays species from the nearby Puget Sound such as rockfish, bay pipefish, and the giant Pacific octopus.[12] The 1989-era South Pacific Aquarium simulates tropical Pacific environments, with two coral reef tanks and a lagoon exhibit. The lagoon has small fish and eels, while the 250,000-gallon (950,000-l) Outer Reef tank has nurse sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and four other shark species.[12]

Red Wolf Woods

The habitat was rebuilt in 2009 and opened again in the summer of 2010.[13] The exhibit consists of two separate meadows with a rocky creek, hollow log, and other landscaping.[14] The conservation center is designed to look like an abandoned farm building.

Kids’ Zone

A number of animals are present including African pygmy goats, black-breasted leaf turtles, giant African millipedes, gopher snakes, green-crested basilisks, guinea pigs, sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats, northern pygmy owls, ocellated rays, Parma wallabies, poison dart frogs, rabbits, rats, and tiger rat snakes. There are also play structures and a petting zoo.
Animal Avenue, a children’s zoo expansion, includes meerkats, ring-tailed lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs, black lemurs, Damaraland mole rats, Antilles pink-toed tree spiders, emerald tree boas, green tree pythons, western Bell’s hinge-back tortoises, pancake tortoises, ornate horned frogs, White’s tree frogs, hourglass tree frogs, long-legged desert ants, emperor scorpions, Madagascar hissing cockroachs, African cichlids and budgies.

Some reviews from TripAdvisor

Better than Woodland Park Zoo!

Hands down Point Defiance is better than Woodland park. You see way more animals! Its a small easily walk-able zoo with a large variety of animals. The Animals here seem to never be hiding and are always out! They have Shark cage diving by appointment! It cost $80 i think and worth every penny!! You do not need to be certified!

My only negative is the restaurant and food areas are always packed. Long long lines. So eat before you go!

During Christmas time they do Zoo lights! lots of Xmas lights everywhere!

I highly recommend going here!

Great zoo

This zoo is on the smaller side. Which is great! It is easy to navigate and well worth the money spent. There is a large variety of animals and easy viewing. Plus it is just in a beautiful location. Gift shop staff was very nice too and good location.

Nice little zoo and aquarium.

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium isn’t a very big zoo, yet it is very nicely done. The exhibits allowed you to be up close and personal with many of the animals…especially the walruses and sharks. My wife loved the plants and flowers from around the world that they have. The size of the zoo allowed our two year old grandson to literally walk ( and run) the entire time. He loved it. The only reason that I didn’t rate Point Defiance as “excellent” is the entrance fee…it was a little pricey. Thanks for the fun afternoon.

My favorite zoom in the world

I used to live across the street from this zoo and I went to the zoo almost every afternoon. It isn’t the biggest zoo or the zoo with the best habitat, but it is a perfect zoo for kids and for those who want to see interesting animals. They have a wonderful ocean exhibit, with excellent jellyfish. They have a wide variety of animals, including howler monkeys that howl every night when the sun goes down. The zoo is in the most beautiful park – where you can have tea, walk by the sound, see Gig Harbor bridge, take a long bike ride, or just hang out when there is sun.

Wonderful zoo

What a delightful spot along the South Sound! The zoo is just the perfect size for children! Not too big and enough room for multi interests. Food is available along the paths. I go here monthly with grandchildren!

The cleanest and best zoo I have visited.

Although they have the usual variety of animals the conservation efforts are five star. They’ve been instrumental in introducing the Redwolf back into the wild and maintain breeding programs for penguins and other mammals. The landscapers excellent and the view of the animals that are confined is without peer. The grounds are kept clean and animal talks or given one every half hour at different spots. There is a large Kidzone providing plenty of opportunity for kids to stretch their legs, view snakes meerkats and insects along with contact with more domesticated species such as goats. Admission is reasonable.

We will be going back

It was a good day! Lots to see and different varieties of animals. There was quite a bit of walking between animals, however. It was also very wooded, and shaded. So bring a light jacket for all, even in the summer! We plan to go back next summer. Great, reasonable pricing as well.

Visit the sharks and the polar bears

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is an amazing place. We loved watching the sharks through the glass wall and enjoyed the feeding of the polar bear. Some arrange to go swimming with the sharks. They are continually updating the zoo to include shows, talks, and interactive displays. It’s a great place for families and adults as well. We live in Tacoma so they have special free days for residents.

Great zoo, will be visiting frequently this summer

This was our first visit to this zoo and it by far outstrips the nearby Woodland Park zoo. We will be making the trek down to this one every time.

They are doing some construction currently (two new buildings) but most of the zoo is still accessible to the public. The animal exhibits are spacious and well appointed. I can’t speak to the seasonal facilities (food stands and such) as most weren’t open during our visit but there seemed to be a nice variety scattered throughout the zoo.

Later this spring they will be debuting a new stage show that looks like it will be a good time.

Little Round About

Little zoo but laid out nicely. We saw the aquarium nice little area to see and touch ocean animals. There was an area to feed goats, and all along the path there were animals to be seen. They are building new areas so be prepared for construction noise. The tigers were cool, but Dozer the walrus was a hit! They just opened a public viewing area underwater and he just loves interacting with the kids!

Very nice setting, food not that great, so pack one in.

Once all the construction is over we are definitely going back to check out all the new attractions.

Fun zoo with lots for the kids to do

This zoo is nice, not as big as the one in Seattle, but has a lot of animals to see and lots of the kids to do. My kids love to see the sharks in the aquarium as well as all the land animals. Tigers, elephants, red wolves and well as walrus and penguins. Has a nice play area for the kids as well as the Outdoor Theater if you can catch a show at the right time. Camel rides, feeding the budgies (birds) and the merry-go-round are also hits.

Go during Zoolights and see the zoo at night all lit up with Christmas lights for a fun outing.

Love taking grandkids and great grandkids to the zoo

When my granddaughter and her family come to town we make sure a visit to the zoo is included. A beautiful sunny day and the tigers were out enjoying the sunshine. You can purchase a ride on a camel. A ride on the carousel is a must. Become a zoo member and you receive a discount. Got a double stroller for the kidos to make their time enjoyable. There is a bit of walking to do. There are ramps for strollers and wheelchairs. I am never disappointed when we have a zoo day.

We go every time we are in town

We love to go to Point Defiance Zoo. We go there every time we are in the Tacoma area. The polar bears are a highlight as well as the monkeys. The kids really love it. Lots of Pokemon if you play Pokemon Go.

Wonderful Zoo and Aquarium

They have beautiful exhibits, grounds, and animals. The zoo and aquarium are well kept. We loved seeing the red wolves and the plethora of fish in the aquarium. There was an area where you could pet sharks and skates/rays, which was a ton of fun. Exhibits aside, many humming birds, sparrows, junco’s, and other small animals call the large tree’s and plants in the zoo their home. We greatly enjoyed watching them while walking around!

Note there is quite a bit of construction going on right now. They’re building a new aquarium area and updating another area, so at least 1/4 of the exhibits are inaccessible right now. Still worth the trip though!

Directions from Point Defiance Zoom & Aquarium

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LeMay Car Museum – Tacoma, Wa

LeMay America Car MuseumContents Provided by TripAdvisor.

This museum is absolutely beautiful. The cars obviously are the main attraction, but the history and videos accompanying most of the cars/exhibits is really interesting. Take the time to stop and read them!

Cost is reasonable and the time slips by without even noticing. We spent 3 hours wandering around the museum. There are so many cars , all beautifully displayed in an easy to follow route through the museum. There is even one vintage car where you can sit in and have a photo taken. The picture is free, with no strings attached. Can be printed or emailed. If anyone in your group wants to sample driving, one floor had demo video simulation drives where you can drive race courses around the world. If you are interested, get the package deal when you first enter which includes a drive, as it is quite a bit more costly as an add on when you reach that floor. Younger kids might have fun playing the slot cars. This is one of the largest and nicest car museum we have been to.

This museum has an extensive collection of old, more modern, and funky automobiles and trucks, and motorcycles on 4 levels of museum. Walking is easy by way of up and down ramps. An elevator is also available. It is worth the price of admission.

Just about everything imaginable in the way of classic and antique cars! The founder preferred original examples (as opposed to restored) so you’ll see only the cream of the crop!

I can’t say enough good things about the LeMay Car museum. Awesome location with great views. The collection of cars is quite impressive and each has a bit of history described. The short movie on how Mr. LeMay collected all his cars is worth the time to watch.

Had a day with two male friends and nothing to do. A decision was made to visit the museum. Easy to get to. More than ample parking. Staff were very pleasant and more than willing to answer any questions. Even received a free complimentary souvenir picture sitting in an antique convertible.

The cars were exquisitely restored. Most likely frame off restorations with expertly applied paint and meticulously maintained.

The vehicles were staged throughout the four floor complex. Exhibits classic coach works, exotic supercars, early trucks, alternative propulsion, etc. A large number of 50’s and 60’s vehicles brought back many memories.

With all that, there was significant open space as they were changing vehicles to change their displays. I would estimate there were well in excess of 100 cars on display.

A most enjoyable and educational experience for this 74 year young car buff.

The Lemay museum is everything a gear head could want and more. I have been to the museum several times, and always for special events, so I have not been there during a normal day. However, with these events, I have had full access to the museum, and have put in many steps through the almost endless display. There are some features that I have not been privy to, such as the many children event & features. Why not a 5 you may ask? Because again, I have been here for special events, and in that vein, there is one significant thing that is lacking, and that is acoustics. They are awful. If you are planning on having an event with live music, or speakers, it’s a tough venue. Other than that, it is pure perfection. If you are visiting, and want a great adventure that will satisfy the whole family (event those not that into cars) this museum is a must see on your to do list. You don’t have to love cars and their history to appreciate the incredible displays.

Directions from the LeMay Car Museum

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